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Introduction to the Abdominal Radiograph


After completing this module you should be able to :

Identify the basic anatomical structures seen on an abdominal radiograph

Have a system for reviewing an abdominal radiograph

Describe and recognise four simple diagnoses :


                         Large bowel dilatation

                         Small bowel dilatation

                         Renal and Ureteric calculi

This module contains four sections (access the sections from below or from the menu on the left) :

1. Basics Introduction A basic introduction to the abdominal radiograph
  Densities The appearance of tissues of different densities on the radiograph
  Review the Film A system for reviewing the abdominal radiograph
  Adequate Film ?

How to decide if the film is adequate

2. Anatomy Solid Organs The position of solid organs on the radiograph
  Bowel The appearance of bowel on the radiograph
  Bones The bones visible on an abdominal radiograph

3. Four Basic Diagnoses Pneumoperitoneum  
  Large Bowel Dilatation  
  Small Bowel Dilatation  
  Renal and Ureteric calculi  
4. Questions



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